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To Calculate the size of the Air-Conditioner that is right for you, please enter the details of the room that it will be installed in and press the Calculate button.

Note: to work out the size of your room in square meters , multiply the length of the room by the width of the room. For example, if the room is six meters long and five meters wide, it would be 30m2.

Use the sizing guide to work out the size of air conditioner you need.

Your House:  
What type of insulation do you have?
The Room:  
What type of room do you want to air condition?
What type of ceilings do you have?
Describe the window area in your room:
What direction do your prominent windows face?
What type of doors do you have?
Size of room*: m2
Size required: kW

**Sizes are to be used as a guide only and a full pre-installation inspection will be required to determine your exact air conditioning requirements

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