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Cooling & Heating

A reverse cycle system that can be used to provide both heating and cooling.

They have an indoor unit, interconnecting pipes and an outdoor unit like cooling only air conditioning systems, but they also have a reversing valve; this pumps the refrigerant the other way around the system. So the outdoor unit cools the surrounding air, allowing the indoor unit to discharge heat into the room.

There are good reasons to install a reverse cycle unit:

  1. Most rooms usually require both cooling and heating.
  2. Reverse cycle Air conditioner units are much more energy efficient than other types of heater, so they therefore reduce your running costs.

Reverse cycle Air conditioner unitsachieve lower running costs for heating because rather than burning a fuel such as oil or gas to provide your heat, they are simply moving heat from one place to another. This means that for every 1kW of electricity used the heat pump will provide 2.5kW - 3kW of heating in a room.

Reverse cycle Air conditioner units can extract heat from both air and water, achieving a room temperature of up to 28°C and may be controlled thermostatically between 19°C and 28°C. The system is completely automated and switches between heating and cooling as required.

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